1. zuzkaswarriorz:

    ZWOW 32 — Show Me Your Strength

    3 rounds for time:
    Side hops over your dumbbells (60 reps)
    Chair Dips (10 reps)
    Broad Jumps (10 reps) (jump over your exercise mat)
    Thrusters (5 reps) (use the heavy dumbbells)
    Russian Twists (10 reps)
    Bonus: Once you have finished the circuit 3 times go for a 1 mile run!

  2. buffyshot:

@kate_battersby: Bootay work, bootay work, lemme see that bootay work 👊 Clearly I have no life atm so it’s a buttiful night to smash glutes! 💪 Still way too thick in the middle but 8 weeks, all good 👌 #biggestbuttiveeverowned #ilikebigbutts
  3. buffyshot:

    Get back in the game with some sexy girls in sports bras @theChive

  4. club-fitness:

[Make it happen: Your House IS A Gym: 21 Great exercises, no workout equipment required!]
  5. buffyshot:

@ashahadley: Flex Friday!
  6. curvy-fitness:

  7. imgonnamakeachange:

literally my meal prep
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